Triglav ski touring traverse

I guided this mega Slovenian tour twice in the last 10 days. We finally got snow in Slovenia in February, so conditions right now are amazing. It hasn’t been snowing now for a while already, so it is level II of avalanche danger. But on the other hand it has been quite cold, so you can still find some powder in the faces, that are mainly in the shade.We were supposed to have good weather on both tours, but unfortunately it turned out worst as it was predicted for the first round. Bad visibility together with making tracks for 4 days made my days quite intense. But it was all payed back on the second round, when we got good weather an there were also some of my tracks still present to make my days easier.If you are thinking of skiing in Slovenia here are some reasons for it: For me the first one is that we didn’t meet any people touring for almost three days(till the fina ascent to Kredarica hut), except in Komna hut. So we were also skiing on untouched snow all the time. There is plenty more reasons for your visit, maybe they will be the most visible from the pictures bellow. I have some spots still open next weekend:

Skiing onlogo-zag-2015

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