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Welcome to Slovenian Mountain Guide Association's web page

Dear visitors,

We ask for your patience while the English version of the web site, which is currently under construction, is developed. At the moment we are presenting only some basic information on the Slovenian Mountain Guide Association (SMGA) and a list of mountain guides (left menu) who are SMGA members. In addition, we kindly invite you to browse the Slovene version or to write for further information to this e-mail:info@zgvs.si.

Our Mission:
To ensure expertise and to protect the public interest and any third parties while engaged in the mountain guide profession, mountain guides and mountain guide probationers join the SMGA. The SMGA is organized as a vocational association and represents Slovene mountain guides both at home and in the international sphere. The SMGA also implements vocational training for mountain guides.

Our History:
The SMGA was founded in 1993, when mountain guides - previously members of the Subcommittee for Mountain Guiding of the Committee for Alpinism of the Alpine Association of Slovenia (AAS) - organized into a society that became part of the AAS. In 1998, when the SMGA became a member of the International Federation of Mountain Guides Associations (IFMGA), it changed its status to that of a vocational association. In accordance with the laws governing these societies, the SMGA then had to separate from the AAS, but it strives for harmonized collaboration with the AAS and other mountaineering societies.

Contact information:
Združenje gorskih vodnikov Slovenije (ZGVS)
Slovenian Mountain Guide Association (SMGA)
Dvoržakova 9
SI-1000 Ljubljana

e-mail: info@zgvs.si
web: www.zgvs.si

President: Robert Rot (e-mail: rot.robert@gmail.com)
President of TC: Tomo Česen (e-mail: tomo.cesen@pzs.si)
Treasurer: Tina Di Batista (e-mail: tina.dibatista@siol.net)

ZGVSZdruženje gorskih vodnikov Slovenije SMGASlovenian Mountain Guide Association
PZS Planinska zveza Slovenije AAS Alpine Association of Slovenia
IFMGA International Federation of Mountain Guides Associations

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Bojan Pollak
IFMGA Mountain guide
Last Tour
Danilo Tič: Vzpon na Toubkal 4167 m
Z Acotom sva znova vodila treking v Maroko. Nekaj dni pred odhodom je Toubkalu zapadlo zo 20 cm snega. Kljub vsemu smo se vsi povzpeli na vrh. Nadaljevali smo s plezanjem v Todri in tem lepem koščku Afrike. Hvala vsem udeležencem za prelepo vzdušje!
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Danilo Tič: Silvretta 2015
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